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Largest city in the world evokes love or hate but very little indifference: how do YOU feel about visiting or living in Mexico City??

Bienvenidos (Welcome!!) to our small-but-growing Couch Surfing group here in Greater Mexico City.

You have likely figured out that the other, larger group (called merely Mexico City) is a very active and social group, started and administrated by native mexico city locals. Make sure you check out their weekly meet-ups and other events spontaneously organized. Some in that group do speak English to varying degrees and they LOVE to party.

Our Mexico City Gringos group has become active fairly recently, and was formed to address the unique needs and interests of Couch Surfers who live in or are visiting this awesome city but come from a "gringo" perspective: that generally means native-English speaking, born & raised in a different culture than the mexican one, or merely benefiting from the assistance and advice of their fellow "gringos" who have "under their belts" some weeks, months or years of living or visiting Mexico and especially this city. (the largest city in the world, population-wise.)
The term "GRINGO" has different meanings in different parts of the world, and various connotations to individuals. (look it up in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gringo)
Here, for OUR group, it is non-disparaging and country-neutral. It's merely a way of distinguishing those visitors & residents of MexCity who don't have the advantage of being native-born here or speaking spanish as their primary language. It's a different perspective when you come here from outside the country, so we created a group for those folks.
Also our group is sort-of a "mutual benefit society" in that we all try to support each other in each of our own unique ways, resources and talents.

(for example, I've lived here for over ten years and MY needs often fall into the area of seeking the enthusiasm and fresh perspectives from other visiting Mexico City Gringos so that I don't get too discouraged here by this city's unique challenges. What I can offer, on the other hand, is lots of experience in most aspects of surviving & enjoying "life in The Big Taco".)

Thankfully, Norma Villar, a native mexicana, was added as a Moderator, and she was trying to spice things up, with group outings and other meetups that are starting to bring the gringo community here together. (she's currently living in Cancun, however.) There are reputedly tens of thousands of native-english-speaking residents in this city, and imagine if we could get just one percent of them to join Couch Surfers and join this group; it could really become a "chingon" experience of assistance and enjoyment for permanent and visiting gringos alike.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Note that language for the postings is English or Spanglish.

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