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Yerko GrinoYerko Grino cs 04/13/2014
Manon BeldameManon Beldame Living in Saint Laurent du Maroni 03/17/2014
Paul Vincent Hubert Paul Vincent Hubert :) 03/10/2014
Kevin BontemsKevin Bontems Going to live in French Guiana from October 07/22/2013
RAI440 RAI440 I live in French guiana 12/14/2012
PHILIPPE.75PHILIPPE.75 Originaire! 11/05/2012
GLBTRTTRGLBTRTTR Will be my future "country"!! 05/08/2012
Emmanuel MaillardEmmanuel Maillard moving to Cayenne in october 2008 11/06/2008



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Petite famille cherche Couchsurfers ...Estelle et Jean-Pierre Groussard1  04/14/2011
We'll arrive in march...somebody could help us??Johnny Pereira4  04/12/2011
hello allElly Kajansie1  04/11/2011
anyone avaiable?Dabura Muhammad3  03/25/2011
by FerryDabura Muhammad-  03/01/2011
Special Birthday!!Amendine Desfontaines-  02/21/2011
We r 2...we need a place to stay...Help us!Johnny Pereira-  02/14/2011
Mexico - French Guiana on a (tiny) motobike!Philippe Youssef Rother4  02/08/2011
J'arrive demain!Jack Vandenbroele1  02/08/2011
Film "Us Now"Carolina Marinho-  01/27/2011
cherche une femme du menageABBEY-  01/24/2011
work and travelOPENCOUCH-  01/16/2011
Postcards for my dear old aunt's birthday :)Adam Pervez-  01/12/2011
noël au carbetMarie Fevre-  12/22/2010
Birthday wishJuraj Sisic-  12/01/2010
Naviguer en GuyaneLouis Banse-  11/30/2010
SalutElly Kajansie-  11/30/2010
hello, I'm looking for a couch in kourou around mid Dec.Jungyeon Park-  11/28/2010
très petit séjour !Thomas Dagada1  11/12/2010