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Vegans & Vegetarians in China


Exchanging ideas about living a veg life in China. Tips, recipes and support.

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Created: Feb 28, 2011
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Chris TheculturecurveChris Theculturecurve moderator 02/28/2011
Lelia PollettLelia Pollett I am vegan and in Shanghai 11/03/2011
Athena and Howard Baier Athena and Howard Baier We're vegan and we live in China. 01/07/2012
Erin PeaceErin Peace vegan 05/27/2012
Joanna GrabowskaJoanna Grabowska 08/04/2013
eran Ragureran Ragur I'am vegan that travel around the world and heading to China in few months 10/05/2012
Vilhelmo NoksoVilhelmo Nokso To get ideas for finding clean food and vegan food in China. 03/14/2013


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