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Burning Kouch NY 2011


Burning Kouch NY 2011
July 15, 16, 17
Orient Point, NY

The Hamptons - NYC

Ticket are finally available:
Please reserve yourself a ticket and make sure your friends do too.

This group is to help plan for the first ever Burning Kouch Festival. It will be held in Orient Point on a private farm of nearly 90 acres (40 hectares). It is near the beach as well as wine country with lots of vineyards. Ideally this will be some great festival with music, dance, storytelling, outdoor movies etc.

Accommodation and arrangements will be mostly self service with tents and campers etc. Also, there are higher-end accommodations available in the nearby Hamptons, as well as at highway motels for the more budget minded. We welcome ideas and initiative.

We need help planning all this stuff. So feel free to chime in here. If you want to offer up an idea just go for it and make it happen! Lets have a great time and make this event an annual ritual.

If you plan to attend the event please sign up for event:

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worldlytreasureworldlytreasure moderator July 15-16-17 Orient Point, NY 03/01/2011
Dave RaschDave Rasch moderator Cuz its gonna ROCK!!!! 03/01/2011
Neo ChungNeo Chung because 06/29/2011
Reaksa Chhum Reaksa Chhum 03/23/2011
Amir Kashanipour Amir Kashanipour is it a quesiton? 07/13/2011
SitaNYSitaNY We are a band and would like to play at this festival. 05/04/2011
thx-for-all-the-fish thx-for-all-the-fish 07/14/2011
Paul NoceraPaul Nocera ..consider me your trusted advisor.. 03/04/2011


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