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Pudong is bigger than you think, It is more interesting and fun than you can imagine, Pudong is not the future it is the present. (more to follow)...

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MonysificationMonysification moderator 03/08/2011
Moroccan ChopsticksMoroccan Chopsticks 06/22/2011
Mòni Prats CastellvíMòni Prats Castellví I'm there now 11/30/2013
Ali OguzAli Oguz love pudong 09/19/2013
donvacaldonvacal Because I am currently traveling here 03/25/2014
Karan ThakurKaran Thakur I am visiting Shanghai this saturday 2nd Feb 01/29/2013
Annabelle KlinkenbergAnnabelle Klinkenberg I will live there for three months in spring 2014 02/20/2014
jiayun Jiangjiayun Jiang I live in pudong want to meet more friends and know more about pudong 04/22/2013



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Poll: Shanghai weekly meeting LujiazuiMonysification1  03/16/2011

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Picnic Welcoming the sunMonysification-  04/04/2011