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This group has been created to provide a place for couchsurfing hosts in Japan to offer their homes as temporary accommodation for those affected by the March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami crisis, and for those in need of temporary housing to find suitable hosts.

If you have accommodation that you can offer to someone left homeless by this crisis, please let us know here. Please post into sub-groups by country, if you are not in Japan.

If you are in need of temporary accommodation due to this crisis, please let us know here.

Let's try to help the people of Japan as much as we can by opening our homes and our hearts to those in need!




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Created: Mar 13, 2011
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Angela Kennewell and Hana NegishiAngela Kennewell and Hana Negishi moderator 03/13/2011
Hiromitsu OkimoriHiromitsu Okimori moderator lets help!!! 03/17/2011
John and Kumiko Berryman John and Kumiko Berryman moderator Would like to help people in need by translating and organizing. 03/17/2011
SEAFARM SEAFARM We (my wife and I) want to host a distressed family from Japan 03/16/2011
ALNO ALNOFERIALNO ALNOFERI ingin ke japan 01/27/2014
Jordan ParkJordan Park I can contribute to their cause by hosting whomever needs a place. 03/22/2011
Paul CogginsPaul Coggins I have a beautiful home in a beautiful forest in Hanazono/Niseko,Hokkaido. I love helping people and I can't think of anything better than helping people who have suffered so much. When I help people I feel so incredibly good. Please let me help. 07/25/2013
Raul PopRaul Pop willing to help 03/17/2011


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