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for people effected by the tsunami who need a place in Germany

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Created: Mar 15, 2011
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Youssef Von HaifaYoussef Von Haifa moderator 03/15/2011
Roland Rosinsky Roland Rosinsky interested in helping can offer couch for longer time 8a couple of months) 10/13/2011
Christin BaderChristin Bader I want to help 03/16/2011
Patrick Allerding Patrick Allerding Want to help 03/16/2011
Philip SaganPhilip Sagan can host near frankfurt 03/18/2011
Kai AndreadakisKai Andreadakis 15 years Karate, Tadeshi Ishikawa visited and trained our Dojo 03/19/2011
Makoto OhnoMakoto Ohno I'm interested in Germany very much, and want to know German people. 12/24/2012
Marc SchneiderMarc Schneider To help Japanese in the best way I can: in Hosting! 03/16/2011


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Room for 2 people in Duisburg near Düsseldorf....MADYRIA2  03/08/2012
space for 1-2 ppl in Munich for a few weeksnaschkatze-  03/23/2011
bonjour de hh !FRENCH_TRAVELER-  03/23/2011
Space for up to six peoplePhilipp Bacher-  03/21/2011
We can host 2-3 people, kids are welcome.Kerstin Berthold-  03/19/2011
Can host near frankfurtPhilip Sagan-  03/18/2011
A couch for two people in te Ruhr AreaAlexandra Adam-  03/18/2011
We can host 2 people close to KarlsruheRalf Mueller-  03/18/2011
Can host and feed 1-2 people that are affected directly by the catastrophic scene for up to 2 weeks, and longer if needed.Joerg Mengwasser-  03/18/2011
we can offer food and accommodation for two people in berlinWiebke Loechelt-  03/18/2011
a house in Nuremberg - BayernJuergen Landler-  03/17/2011
Lower Saxony - Near HamburgClaudia Cooberg-  03/17/2011
guestroom in northern germanyHajo Werner-  03/17/2011
offer accommodation and food for 1-2 people in need from crisis in japanNadine Hehemann-  03/17/2011
a room in BerlinCorinna Smidt-  03/17/2011
offer bed for 1 or 2 people, BerlinJohanna Havemann-  03/17/2011
I can host 1 or 2 people close to Frankfurt for a couple of weeksMartina K-  03/17/2011
Guest room near Stuttgart, kids welcomeROOBEECEE-  03/16/2011
Can host two in Munich. As long as needed.YSIDRO-  03/16/2011
available couch for 2 people, Germany, DüsseldorfBettina S. H.-  03/16/2011
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