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This is a group for Greek cities other than Athens and Thessaloniki (that have their respective groups)! Please post anything interesting that is going on there! And there are many things... If this becomes a huge group we will split it to regional ones! But for now lets begin posting :)

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Created: Nov 10, 2006
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George FlorosGeorge Floros because my birth place is kilkis a small and no famous city 03/23/2011
Stelios(o Ελληνας)Stelios(o Ελληνας) Greece is not only Athens.. 07/13/2009
GianfilippoGianfilippo I'm looking for books in Greek language 02/27/2012
Michael VelenisMichael Velenis Because small cities are the best! 06/10/2013
Christos PapachristosChristos Papachristos 'cause I have not visited many of my country's cities!Pity! : ( 09/01/2011
Elissavet BubblemakerElissavet Bubblemaker i think greece is more than athens and thessaloniki and personnaly...i love my hometown, Veroia! 11/10/2006


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βοηθήστε ρε παιδιά, μπας και βγάλω άκρη με την πτυχιακή!Elissavet Bubblemaker3  07/07/2012
Αναζήτηση καναπέK☼stas: Save Us From Our ''Saviors''1  01/21/2012
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helloMehmet Yasar Telli5  02/17/2011
Surfing villages and rural areas group :))))Dimitris VoUtsinos-  02/16/2011
aliakmnonas river youth festival 03-5/09/2010 ~ Veria !Elissavet Bubblemaker-  08/27/2010
campers & jammersElf Ioannidis-  08/20/2010
"Βέροια Εύχη Πόλη ~ Veria a city pleasing to the ears!"Elissavet Bubblemaker3  06/16/2010
Veria city invites you all for a meeting!Elissavet Bubblemaker-  04/02/2010
Two brothers looking to couch surf for a night or two..cyclist761  03/28/2010
Νew members welcome group, needs volunteers!Dimitris VoUtsinos-  02/05/2010
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