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GO is a strategic board game involving tactics, observation and cunning. Originating in China and having been played for at least the past 2000 years, it’s famous for providing an ample strategic challenge despite having relatively simple rules. A 2-player game, it’s played on a 19×19 grid and uses black and white stones with which a player must attempt to control a larger part of the board by taking it in turns to place a stone in a vacant grid space.

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Gabor Csonka Gabor Csonka I would happily promote the idea 06/17/2011
Oli OlivierOli Olivier to learn this game 03/19/2011
FRANK-MILLS AKUFFU FRANK-MILLS AKUFFU To learn something new 03/20/2011
Emese LőrikEmese Lőrik would like to play go, and learn a bit more about it 04/05/2011


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