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This is a group for all who hitchhike in Ireland, would like to hitchhike in Ireland or who would be able to answer the questions of others about hitchhiking in Ireland.

It is not a group for requesting/offering lift shares (as great as that is). We already have a group for that, which can he found here - CS Rideshare Ireland. CouchSurfing also has a large Hitchhikers group. I chose to place the Hitchhike Ireland group here however as it would reach more of the less knowledgeable hitchers as well as being spotted by many of the visitors to Ireland who may not usually hitch.

Ireland is a great country for hitchhiking, but a little knowledge makes it much easier. Let's share our knowledge!

This has plenty of information, but we can always update it with more! Two other sites of a similar ilk are HitchBase Ireland and DigiHitch Ireland. However these two sites have far less information on them and are falling further behind Hitchwiki as Hitchwiki becomes more and more popular.

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Created: Mar 20, 2011
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Christian van den BoschChristian van den Bosch moderator I host hitchhikers all the time! 03/28/2011
jennifer McDonoughjennifer McDonough traveling Ireland in early April 03/16/2014
Miriam StockerMiriam Stocker maybe going to do this... 02/05/2014
Abd Essamade SaufiAbd Essamade Saufi I'm going to Ireland this summer, I'd like to know how to hitchhike there! 03/27/2014
Matt DMatt D Heading to Ireland in April solo looking for advice. 03/04/2014
Edvardas KarzenauskasEdvardas Karzenauskas 03/05/2013
Theo Ser-RaminTheo Ser-Ramin This is what I am doing these days. 03/06/2014



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Poll: Discovering Ireland Challenge End Destination 2013JAPANDAMO5  02/05/2013

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