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Students in Vienna :)


There are lots of students in Vienna, and there are lots of CS members, I think we can come together and share our experiences , cultures , ideas.. This might be a first step for this ;)

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vincencvincenc moderator of life :) and the other one also... 05/25/2011
WIENERWIENER moderator 11/15/2006
Stefan LechnerStefan Lechner 04/14/2014
Stefan WipplStefan Wippl student? that 10/12/2008
Philipp Hoenisch Philipp Hoenisch Cause I am a student in vienna :-) 08/09/2011
Renaud NéboutRenaud Nébout french student here! 09/20/2013
Mimi C.Mimi C. International student moving to Vienna for Masters program 04/13/2014


Master Students, University of Vienna (2014 onward) 1-

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