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Traditional Chinese Culture


The Culture of China is one of the world's oldest and most complex cultures.
To me it's just the most beautiful thing in the world. As young generation of Chinese,we would love to study more, meet people who have the same interest,and to help people from all over the world to discover more.
To get to know traditional Chinese culture will be extremely hard or boring for people who don't speak Chinese, even for Chinese ourselves.but it doesn't really matter,we take it step by step and there's no need to rush.
Let's learn together,we will benifit from the gorgeous heritage which only few people can:)



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jojo Zhujojo Zhu moderator 03/31/2011
Pearl Vas Pearl Vas I just moved to China 2 months ago and want to learn more about the Culture. 10/03/2013
Krishna SomanahKrishna Somanah I am interested in learning about chinese culture and I am going to be in shanghai for another two years - So I would like to join the group - I am now working in an international school in shanghai - My hobbies are : cooking , hiking , learning language 05/27/2013
Margaux LamourelleMargaux Lamourelle 10/16/2013
Jessica MarmiroliJessica Marmiroli 12/04/2013
Cleo SuenCleo Suen 05/28/2013
QIAOJUN SUNQIAOJUN SUN have been interested in our traditional culture related things 08/28/2013
Libo WangLibo Wang like 05/02/2013


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