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Cheap International Flights from NYC!


I figure I should try to get a sub-group going for cheap international flights FROM New York City. Last year, I was reading through the NYC forum and saw where other users found ~$250 non-stop, round-trip flights to Lima, Peru, for an entire month and a half time span. A year before that, I found non-stop, round-trip flights to Milan, Italy, for $360 on Alitalia.

The whole purpose of this is for users to post up cheap INTERNATIONAL flights (you guys can start another subgroup to post domestic flights, if you'd like) FROM NYC's major airports; JFK, LGA, and EWR.

So, here's the point: if you find a cheap flight, one that most would consider cheap, to anywhere from NYC, post it up here so other people can jump in on the deal. I would like to keep this thread from getting overloaded with random, one-way flights, or with ones that are fairly well known ($300 to Paris, London, etc.). But, the judgment is yours, so feel free to post.

Thanks for adding and, if you have any suggestions, feel free to message me.

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