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♣ Ecological Trips, Ecology, No-Nukes ☼ , Animals' Rights, Ecologic Transport & Naturalism❀



This group is for:
~Ecological Trips
~Ecological / environmental activities,
~Antinuclear movement & Alternative Resources
~Animals' Rights,
~Naturalism and Natural Sciences
~Ecologic Sports/Transport (as Cycling).

"Earth Song"

Ecological Trips

♣ Hitchhiking, Backpacking:

-Worldwide Links for Hitchhiking, Backpacking and
Budget Road Travel Info: Some links
-Hitch International with Ride Board:
Pacific Hitchhikers
-Traveldirectory.org Links for Hitching:
-Hitch-hiking clubs in Russia: gb.bpclub.ru/ and (you can ask in
English on their forums)

♣ Cycling, Biketourism:
Bikes for Share
In Spanish:
Vías Verdes
-Bicycle forums (are also a great site for touring help):
Crazy Guy On a Bike

♣ Covoiturage:

Nuclear Power? No, thanx
Por qué ser antinuclear (Why we're against Nuclear Power)
For a Future

Related CS Groups:
Japan Crisis Housing, a CS group for helping Japan.
Renewable Energy- Mother Earth is calling. The solution.... Solar energy, Wind energy, Biomass energy, Moving water
Eco Warriors
Protecting the Environment for a Healthier Tomorrow
Environmental / Ecology Students
Ecological Philosophy
Alternative Ways of Living and Consuming
Herbal Health
Décroissance ("Degrowth", in French)
Sustanaible Tourism
Stop Animal Cruelty "He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" (I. Kant, 1724-1804, German philosopher).
Against Bullfighting
Critical Mass
Abya Yala / Amerindia
Endangered Languages / Stateless Cultures Environmental Disasters and Cultural Extinctions always walk together
Gandhi, MLK and Non-violence
Define Necessity!. Freedom in Love for what is necessary
* "Democracia real ¡ya!"

*Environmental "Posidònia Festival"
*FIB-Rototom Sunsplash

Sustainable surfing and hosting, tourism with respect to local cultures and the environment

The Future is coming: "The Third Wave"

Related Sites:

~❀~Around the World, in English:
World Ecologist (News)
Ecotourism Job Centre
Critical Mass (Cycling as an Alternative Transport).
Transition Network
Dr. Rath Health Foundation
Maintaining Indigenous Languages, conserving Biodiversity

~❀~In Spanish:
The Ecologist
Masa crítica (Alternative Transport, Cycling in Spain).
"Dos Orejas" (Madrid). "Spain is a country rather cruel, as is evidenced by its "autos de fe" (Inquisition) and bullfights" (Immanuel Kant, Philosopher).
"Libera!"-Asoc. Animalista
Energías Libres
El terrorífico Fracking (video)
Web contra el Fracking
Observatorio Petrolero Sur
Recursos Naturales, Amazonia
La economía y la crisis (Niño Becerra)
Banca Ética
Blog sobre salud y agricultura natural
Blog sobre Medicina natural
“La utopia, en el mundo de hoy, no puede ser sino...compartir todos austeramente los recursos de la tierra” (Jon Sobrino).

~❀~In Portuguese:
Rede Brasileira de Justiça Ambiental

~❀~In Catalan:
Banca ètica
"Slow Food", per la biodiversitat alimentària
"Opcions", revista per un consum responsable i transformador
Consum Conscient
Recuperar el Futur
SOS Peix

~❀~❀In Valencialand:
Iniciativa Animalista
Societat Valenciana d’Ornitologia
Sobirania alimentària
Som allò que sembrem

Massa Crítica-Castelló

Massa Crítica-València

"Con Bici"
Plataforma contra Alta Tensió
Xúquer Viu
Ecologistes en Acció-València
Tanquem les nuclears (Let's close Nuclears).
Aplec Ecologista del País Valencià
Cultura Valenciana - Valencian Culture at CS

Alternative Resources
European Renewable Energy Council

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