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Barcelona - Martial Arts Exchange


This group is created with the goal of the thousands of travellers that arrive and live in Barcelona to give us some of their knowledge of their art they have being practicing for years.

As they are travellers from all over the World, would be nice for us to engage in a technique and sparring exchange.

The posts would be for get togethers when someone wants to give out the knowledge of the Martial they have been practising for years. But its much better if the person who conducts the class or exchange has a level of intermediate to expert on the Art, in order to have a more quality and safe class. We Beginners, lets much better attend to the class ;-)

Please avoid promoting academies or Gyms, all the activities should be free of charge unless we need to rent an academy space for the get together.

So see See Ya Couch Surfers, Get ready for lots for PAIN, Remember NO Pain, No Gain!!! No just kidding, we wont be killing each other just learning some technique but once in a while an sparring session would be nice with the right supervision.

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Created: Apr 11, 2011
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Andres Dmz BoniniAndres Dmz Bonini moderator 04/11/2011
David HawkinsDavid Hawkins moderator Because I'm the co-founder! =) 04/11/2011
Guna DauvarteGuna Dauvarte well.. im one curios girl :D 01/08/2012
Ryan KelleyRyan Kelley I practice BJJ 04/08/2012
BLAUGRANA1BLAUGRANA1 Interested in martial arts. 04/09/2013
Oscar Umana MataOscar Umana Mata Per trobar gent amb la qual poder practicar kick box 11/25/2012
Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez 02/06/2013
Mario FernandezMario Fernandez porque entreno compartiendo habilidades. 10/29/2013


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