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Reykjavík's Fleamarket - Buy, Sell, Give


A place for all classified ads in Reykjavík.

Are you leaving the country or moving to another flat? Have something to sell, want to buy something, have some stuff you just want to give away? Join this group.

A good place to find things you need or get rid of things you don't need.

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Created: Apr 15, 2011
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Ed WilliamsEd Williams moderator i am moving house and need furniture :) 04/15/2011
Kent Borgstrom Kent Borgstrom because I'll be visiting Iceland and everything I own is second hand 03/10/2014
Merve MerveMerve Merve 03/17/2014
Kathrine JørgensenKathrine Jørgensen I am going to study in Reykjavik in the fall 04/01/2014
Camille Faivre d'ArcierCamille Faivre d'Arcier moving to Reykjavik so I thought this group might be interesting :) 04/17/2014
Tariq AzeezTariq Azeez 04/20/2014
Julia GußnerJulia Gußner I'm new in Reykjavík 04/14/2014
Justyna BJustyna B 03/28/2014


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Clothes swapping in Reykjavík?Petra Granholm-  01/19/2012
Ecological, non-toxic beds?Petra Granholm-  12/07/2011
TripodLenka Vejrostová2  11/27/2011
Need a bedBjarki Hilmarsson-  09/27/2011
>>>FOR SALE: reclining chair, flippers, computer bag, books etc.<<Tihomir R Rangelov1  09/20/2011
Things for sale - House, Camping - FleamarketEd Williams1  09/12/2011
Be a green rider =DPetra Policka-  09/12/2011
also need a bikeAndrea Hess-  09/06/2011
Looking for a (city or mountain) bikeLukas Janicik1  09/06/2011
need a charger for MacBook ProTihomir R Rangelov2  08/27/2011
Looking for cheap hiking shoes and a back packTomi Tuovinen-  08/26/2011
Very loved bike to give to a loving couch surfer!Ryley Bennett1  08/25/2011
Need two mountainbikes ?Pete Ali-  08/17/2011
Is this group effective?Craig Downing-  08/09/2011
Looking for a bike!Katla Holm-  08/08/2011
new iphone 4Craig Downing-  08/05/2011
would someone lend me a single tent?LENALIE-  07/10/2011
selling video photography servicesCraig Downing-  06/15/2011
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