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A. Rent your Room, reason travel.


I have an idea, some of us are traveling sometimes and cant host people. But the room is empty. We could give it for free, but as we are not enjoying the room, what about rent it for the days we travel to someone from couch surfing? so everybody will be happy. Those who have not found a host will find a room, cheaper that a hostel, and all the room for them, and the person that is traveling, could have that money to travel better, maybe he will find another room the same... so at the end will be like a circle. I say let use the empty rooms!! ;)

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Created: Apr 28, 2011
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Castus AmoenusCastus Amoenus moderator 04/28/2011
SIMONZIZOUSIMONZIZOU To Rent a Room in Eastbourne - I travel often with my young daughter - That would help us towards Travelling costs and make the empty room/flat useful....and warmed up... 03/31/2014
Elinore EnemanElinore Eneman 12/19/2012
Kasia KasperskaKasia Kasperska 04/05/2013
Melanie AmsterdamMelanie Amsterdam going to berlin in aug for 1 month 02/14/2012
berlin.monroeberlin.monroe 07/30/2012
SofifsSofifs 02/14/2014
Käbi StolovitsKäbi Stolovits 07/14/2011


A. Rent your Room, reason travel.1-
A. Rent your Room, reason travel.1-