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For all the linguistic geeks living here in HK, let's start our own party with English, French, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, etc. flying all around us!

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Created: Apr 29, 2011
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Fay XiaoFay Xiao moderator 04/29/2011
carmen Wongcarmen Wong 03/12/2013
TWEETYYEUNGTWEETYYEUNG it sounds great~ 10/21/2012
Fanny  LamFanny Lam Feeling interested 09/09/2013
JASMINEY41JASMINEY41 I love learning languages! 08/19/2011
知达 梁知达 梁 try to learn different language beyond Chinese 03/16/2014
Queenie TamQueenie Tam I am looking for Korean language exchange partners in HK. I speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English. 08/12/2013
Ho Nam (Kenny) HoHo Nam (Kenny) Ho i want to learn more different culture by knowing more different languages, explore the world with less language barrier. 01/14/2014


Deutsch-Kantonesisch-Chinesisch Lerngruppe4460
Spanish Mandarin Language Exchanges2212
Spanish tutoring0-
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Talents / Skills Exchange0-


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Poll: My Cantonese for you?Ballerinaagnes11  12/31/2016
Poll: MyMandarin / Cantonese - With Pinyin training - Need your English :)BOBBYCCHAN-  03/31/2013

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Life is boring!! I wanna learn Korean!! Any Koreans here?Panto Chiu-  04/21/2014
Mandarin/English/Cantonese/Sichuan dialect for French or other languageska leilam-  04/21/2014
sharing languages and HAVING FUN!Louis Barbier10  03/29/2014
My Cantonese/Mandarin to exchange JapaneseWinnie Ha-  03/29/2014
A tribute to Languages and "Let it go" from "Frozen"Hien-Chanh Q.-  03/27/2014
Make Me Fun in HK Throughout TalkingKosuke Ozawa12  03/19/2014
Hola/你好! mi ingles o chino por tu castellanorainalready1  03/16/2014
My Chinese/ Chinese painting/cuisine for your EnglishWAVYWONG-  03/16/2014
English to EnglishLillian CHAN-  03/14/2014
Russian Русский языкAlessandro Wong7  03/13/2014
My Cantonese/Mandarin to your Spanish ?Anton Yeung2  03/10/2014
My Cantonese / English / little Mandarin to your French/ Spanish / Russian ( I hope I'm not greedy!!)Niko Y3  03/10/2014
互相帮助 互相幫助 help each otherJack Lavalette7  03/08/2014
My Mandarin for your German/JapaneseAmanda Song-  03/06/2014
My Portuguese/french/spanish for english conversationLuiza Duarte3  03/05/2014
My Cantonese/English/Mandarin for French/Russian/HebrewElaine Lam2  03/02/2014
Mandarin for your EnglishSijin Chen-  02/26/2014
My Russian and Persian for your MandarinMsAngelous Akramova3  02/24/2014
My Chinese Calligraphy for your EnglishGary Fung4  02/24/2014
any Russian? exchange Chinese and Cantonese!KYESI1  02/18/2014
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