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7 - Paris Dessin de Nu Artistique


For those who really enjoy Drawing the Human figure for practice or to improve...

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Created: Apr 29, 2011
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Tony PicancoTony Picanco moderator 04/29/2011
Wilfried EpigramWilfried Epigram would like to organize drwaing session with other members of the group 07/16/2013
Matys PatysMatys Patys To practice 05/13/2012
d_melk d_melk modele 05/01/2012
Fabien ParisotFabien Parisot I am looking for a group with which to draw and my English practise in same time 10/25/2012
Michael PierreMichael Pierre 01/18/2013
gvillermo Frenkelgvillermo Frenkel oui 06/23/2013
MICHAEL.M.PARISMICHAEL.M.PARIS I draw nudes. 03/27/2013


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