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Night life of the world TV project


Dear Poeple Around The World,
I am here to ask for favor from you all dearist people.
My fiancee works for Mongolian National Broudcast state TV company. She is editor at the night program.
She would like to show night life around the world to Mongolian audiences so if you guys voluntiraly help her making night TV show or video of your part of the world and upload it at youtube or any of similar websites and send the link to nightlifeoftheworld /at/ gmail.com would make great favor.
Basic requirements:
-The video must be on HD format
-up to 10 minutes
-Can be edited
-Must start with - Hello Mongolia! /greating/
-You and your video will be transmited to all around Mongolia so try to be nice ...
Well, I guess this is it.
So please and please send your videos from all around the world.
At last there is a channel created on youtube and all videos will be uploaded to the channel.
Thank you all and hope for the best.
by the way, You can contact us directly for comments or advices at nightliveoftheworld/at/gmail.com

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Created: Apr 30, 2011
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