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If you want to learn a new language and exchange with native speakers to improve your language skills, if you are a student, an employee of an international company, a globe-traveller or simply eager to discover new cultures, you are at the right place!

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Created: May 4, 2011
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Michael MorenoMichael Moreno I am a native English speaker & I know Business English perfectly. I am trying to get fluent in Spanish, I also have plans to learn Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Italian, Russian, German in the coming years. 07/07/2013
Cesar A. MERA RUIZCesar A. MERA RUIZ I really need to learn english and portuguese 06/20/2011
Cristabel MezaCristabel Meza Interested in learning languages 03/26/2012
Fernanda HerreraFernanda Herrera To practice french / teach Spanish :) 01/02/2014
Erica MighaliErica Mighali Russian 11/03/2013
Katrina EngelKatrina Engel I speak Spanish, English, Russian, German and some Portuguese 03/01/2014
John LifelustJohn Lifelust Quiero practicar frances, japones y ruso. Puedes practicar conmigo ingles portugues y claro, español. Mandame un mensaje, no lo dudes. 02/19/2014
DARLEX DARLEX I love languages 03/24/2013


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Francais a Mexico cityjarim sebastian Rico roma4  03/25/2013
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Día del EsperantoMartin Schäffer-  12/08/2011
Polyglot Meeting- Saturday @ CoyoacánAscencion Elizalde-  08/08/2011