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Southern Africa


For everyone who lives in or are interested in Southern Africa

The following countries are in Southern Africa:

South Africa

The grouping is done according to the UN scheme of geographic regions and not the SADC membership countries.

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Jianghai HeJianghai He visit sa 02/23/2014
Anna ThorsteinsdottirAnna Thorsteinsdottir Windhoek to Botswana 02/16/2014
Desmond_PDesmond_P travel plans 09/23/2013
Eminett Eminett I'm travelling around 02/18/2014
Isma InoIsma Ino 03/15/2014
Kelvin G.Kelvin G. Traveling through southern Africa Fall of 2014 01/28/2014
KRUKRU 12/12/2013
Deon de JonghDeon de Jongh 06/15/2012


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