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Paris hula HOOPers


Welcome one and all, hoopers of all skill levels, ages, genders, races, countries!

Even if you are just interested in hula hooping in Paris.

We will try to set up hoop-meetings, trade tricks, exercise, and maybe do some street preforming (paris is the place to do that you know)!

Looking forward to the CS Hoop Troop!

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Created: May 16, 2011
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Sylvie  DUCHEMIN Sylvie DUCHEMIN 08/01/2011
Naama LindenbaumNaama Lindenbaum i love hooping and i'd like to get better and learn new tricks 06/30/2011
AnnaChazAnnaChaz Looking to meet other hoopers in Paris! 01/05/2012
Luna DeweyLuna Dewey I am A Hooper coming to Paris 6th - 12th February 2013, would love to meet some hoopers to jam with! 02/05/2013
Lea StoneLea Stone learnin hula hoop :) 09/19/2013
Stephanie D.Stephanie D. well duh 05/17/2011
Eleke RaeymaekersEleke Raeymaekers looking for more hoopers in europe =) 06/13/2012


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