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The Peregrino Caravana


We are a group of free travelers, coming together to create a real new platform of living together. A caravana that slowly moves from place to place in the spirit of our ancestors.

We are pilgrims in life, who come together in theese times to start a traveling comunity, with people of strong heart and willingness, animals, artists and more.

We want this to be a long lived project, to create a home of sharing and loving standards for a future world to come. We search for anyone interesten to contribute with their skills and presence. It will start in the small, but expand in the great.

It´s also meant as a platform of projects inside the project. Right now we are trading localquality products from place to place, visiting comunities for exchange, make concerts etc. We have a common goal inside the caravana, but it´s also importand with your inner visions, your heart´s quest. We want people who dreams in the caravana!

Right now we take of in the south of Spain, to slowly move upwards, with donkey and horse, on the road to Santiago for the european Rainbow in Spain this year. Later it can go anywhere, maybe as far as India and beyond.

Anyone interested, long time or short time, take contact and write your ideas and why you feel interested!

Blessings! /Peregrino Caravana

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Created: May 18, 2011
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Michael SatnikMichael Satnik moderator I am in caravana to 05/18/2011
AlbinMarkAlbinMark moderator 05/18/2011
Simona El-KhourySimona El-Khoury 05/22/2011
Pieter Abts Pieter Abts I just love the idea! :D 09/25/2011
Anna TamaiAnna Tamai I like a good liFE! 11/11/2011
IanGreentreeIanGreentree I like it. 09/18/2012
Ai RaAi Ra I liked the idea a lot! 11/22/2013
Eva HolzapfelováEva Holzapfelová 02/08/2013


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