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we love films and are organizing weekly events by the people for the people and of the people...
so if you like to watch and discuss please feel free to come by...
at times there is a list which gets sent around and only a certain number of people can be hosted at someone's place...so in that case please remember to SIGN up :)

happy watching!

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CouchShivCouchShiv moderator 05/21/2011
Clara BeniacClara Beniac Will be living in Berlin in a couple of weeks ! 04/01/2013
vu Diem lyvu Diem ly my love 11/01/2013
Jonathan FrankeJonathan Franke 04/13/2013
irina Aureliairina Aurelia cinema ♥ 08/03/2013
Joachim KJoachim K I loves them films 01/16/2013
Claudia BarthelemyClaudia Barthelemy 10/19/2011


Cine en español - Berlin97

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Film "periferic" im fsk (Nähe Moritzplatz) am Di 17.7.12Daniel_Marzahner-  07/13/2012
Film Bar25 tonight in ladenkino Friedrichshain with English SubtitlesCouchShiv1  07/11/2012
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"Achtung Berlin" Filmfest opening with "Puppe, Icke und der Dicke"Marcel Munich-  04/18/2012
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