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A group for every prefacture should exist in Japan... so everyone knows better where they have to look, instead of just getting crazy looking in the general posts.

This group is created for the poeple living in Mie!

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Created: May 22, 2011
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ARCAN3ARCAN3 moderator 05/22/2011
G-SANG-SAN 一人で日々を過してる... 07/04/2012
Ai KatoAi Kato I'm living mie 01/18/2013
Rob_MarionRob_Marion Visiting Mie April 2013. Last there 2002. Iga Ninja Festival, here we come! 02/13/2013
YUTaKaTron ! mighty :DYUTaKaTron ! mighty :D wondering what else is here in mie , 08/09/2011
Hiroki NakamoriHiroki Nakamori I was born in Mie 07/26/2011
Miki KudoMiki Kudo 11/28/2012



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Keen to hangout!!Sacha Allnatt-  04/13/2014
Breaking the cycle,Come see me!!YUTaKaTron ! mighty :D-  01/11/2014
12/1 Nagoya Christmas Curry PartyBen JP-  11/30/2012
CS / OSU British Party! 大須 国際交流 パーティ !Ben JP-  10/11/2012
CS / OSU British Party! 大須 国際交流 パーティ !Ben JP-  10/11/2012
CS / OSU British Party! 大須 国際交流 パーティ !Ben JP-  10/11/2012
CS / OSU British Party! 大須 国際交流 パーティ !Ben JP-  10/04/2012
CS Nagoya English Meeting ! Weekly !Ben JP-  09/27/2012
CS / British Party! 大須 国際交流 パーティ 2 !Ben JP-  09/27/2012
Nagoya Weekly CS International Event !Ben JP-  09/14/2012
大須 国際交流 /Nagoya CS/monthly party ! 3Ben JP-  09/07/2012
CS Nagoya International Party/国際交流パーティー Enjoy!Ben JP-  09/01/2012
CS Nagoya Meeting ! Weekly !Ben JP-  08/23/2012
CS Nagoya Meeting ! Weekly !Ben JP-  08/21/2012
大須 国際交流 /Nagoya CS/monthly party !Ben JP-  08/13/2012
(英語の討論会 - 英会話喫茶 English Cafe !Ben JP-  08/08/2012
Nagoya CS/monthly meeting/ live, party ! 大須 国際交流Ben JP-  07/30/2012
CS Meeting, at Sakae, bar MARSBen JP-  07/17/2012
CS Nagoya International Party/国際交流パーティーBen JP-  07/11/2012
Nagoya CS/monthly meeting/partyBen JP-  07/02/2012
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