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For TO CSers who has a love for photography/videography.

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Created: May 30, 2011
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Pierre Louis Beranek Pierre Louis Beranek moderator I'm a professional video producer 05/30/2011
Michael Reyes Michael Reyes moderator 05/30/2011
KATRINNEKEKATRINNEKE going to live in Toronto for the next 4 months 06/09/2013
guillaume Robertguillaume Robert friendly 01/12/2013
Adrienn KrauszmanAdrienn Krauszman I love photography. 02/15/2013
fiian Cissefiian Cisse 04/14/2014
AUN.RAZAAUN.RAZA I'm a photographer and would like to meet others in the GTA. 05/11/2012
BrIaNlopezBrIaNlopez want to learn photography 02/17/2013



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Poll: Hello everyoneCHEN.Y.GIBSON1  07/08/2012

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Picture excursion, anyone interested?Lucia Krapovickas26  04/25/2013
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Photography & More at the 1st Albuquerque Couch Crash (Oct 4-7)ASALI M.-  08/12/2012
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