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Why i opened this group here? Because people traveling and living/working in Hungary.. so they move in and out from Budapest.

for those who moving by car through hungary, or because their job they moving every day /week across hungary and happy to meet other couchsurfers in this way, etc.

They can post in this group their route and timing, so other surfers can join them, giving good companion, so even if they busy because of their job they have chanche to meet foreigner travelers.
I think it is good idea. If you think so, join us

Hitchhiking is a way of life, not just way of traveling.
If you are one of us and ready to share your experiences or give advices, so this group for you. Some links here:

If you post here write in title – ’I offer a ride’ or ’I need a ride’.. easyer to choose


GOOD LINKS for ride share if you dont find anything in c.s.:


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