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I created this group that the CS members in Schöneberg get to know each other :). Maybe we can organize small get togethers, get to know each other :).

Language in this group is either German or English.

Have fun using this group!


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Created: Dec 19, 2006
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gerryluxgerrylux 01/15/2014
Judith LevyJudith Levy live here myself 10/19/2007
Valeria QueriniValeria Querini living in the neighborhood 12/01/2013
Guenther Dorn Guenther Dorn 04/29/2011
Kathrin BeckerKathrin Becker living in schöneberg and wants to meet some neighbourhood people 03/08/2011
Pascal KoeltzowPascal Koeltzow 11/17/2012
DANBERLIN1 DANBERLIN1 living in Schöneberg 12/31/2013


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Suche Zimmer, Busco habitacion , I'm Searching for a roomDiego Lua1  03/22/2012
Just moved to Schöneberg (Winterfeldtplatz) and eager to meet folks living in the neighbourhood...Thomas Dönnebrink-  03/20/2012
looking for a roomLisa Middeldorf1  03/20/2012
Any nice cafeterias, bars or restaurants in Wilmersdorf/ Schöneberg and surroundings?Anna TH-  03/13/2012
i'm leaving berlin - 3-room-flat free middle of march - furniture for saleANNETTE705634  03/11/2012
new in berlinMonika Fellner3  11/03/2011
♥♥ 06/10/ Thursday Weekly CS Meeting@SoupaNovaGuenther Dorn-  10/05/2011
Couch search!!Tommaso Burdet-  09/21/2011
HELP, please! :-)ORIENTALUK-  09/20/2011
♥♥♥ Sept 1st CouchSurfing Meeting@SoupaNovaGuenther Dorn-  09/01/2011
Guitar lessons for beginners , intermediate and advanced studentsAmir Friedman-  08/30/2011
new in Schöneberg, coffee event?Selen Elyrk6  08/24/2011
Tandem: your english my german or turkishNil ..1  08/20/2011
Reminder for Soap Bubble Party / World Record AttemptPiotr Szczeniowski-  08/04/2011
Soap Bubble Party / World Record AttemptPiotr Szczeniowski-  07/31/2011
Test for GhassenGuenther Dorn-  07/15/2011
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