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This group is reopened but as more discussions run smoothly in Brainstorm redefined I suggest to post there.
Cheers, Marcus aka BONTOUR

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Marcus Eder Marcus Eder moderator 08/21/2004
Ana Flávia FigueiredoAna Flávia Figueiredo 03/05/2014
SVOOPSVOOP I have a suggestion. 08/05/2007
Pauline SimpsonPauline Simpson Could be useful or I could give some info! 11/10/2013
Bluedragon.Bluedragon. interested in how CS works and how to help it work better 09/21/2008
Eldar Hadziefendic Eldar Hadziefendic Brainstorming... 07/29/2011
Laurens PutLaurens Put 03/09/2014
Pepper.Republic Pepper.Republic 11/03/2009


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Flagged postsModerator 3  09/26/2008
Filter/Block some couchrequest automaticallyLaurens Put3  04/02/2014
It could be possible that some day Couch Surfing suddenly disappears?Bruno Pulido Ponce de Leon1  03/24/2014
CS motivations -short questionnaire help appreciated :)LENKA.KASENKA-  03/04/2014
Survey on Couchsurfing in France ! Please help us to know more about couchsurfersCharlotte FOUGERE-  01/14/2014
How did you used to become a Couchsurfer?Camilla Colombo Serri3  12/23/2013
I'm traveling around the world by bikeJeonghwan Kim1  02/12/2013
a question about verifing locationSergey Kuzmin2  10/28/2012
Is it possible to be a respectful freeloader?Evert van Brussel7  07/30/2012
RomaniaRobert James-  07/02/2012
Will you help me to graduate? :)Kasia Brodowicz-  05/30/2012
was it better before?Andreas Bertilsson3  05/14/2012
"ULF'S GENERAL DISCLAIMER" for everything he does publicly in CS Groups or anywhere else on CS:Ulf Kleinings13  02/22/2012
problems, fake profiles, abusements, etc...Gabor Csonka-  02/04/2012
Hide group posts tool releasedCYBERCHI-  02/02/2012
could you help me do the questionnaire about couchsurfing?yi ting Tseng1  11/19/2011
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