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Eating: vatapá, caruru, tacacá, maniçoba, pupunha, pirarucu, bacuri, cupuaçu, manga,

Drinking: açaí, açaí branco, bacaba, bacuri, cupuaçu, muruci, taperebá, guaraná, cerpa, amazon beer

Going: bosque rodrigues alves, museo emilio goeldi, praça batista campos, praça da república, teatro da paz, estação das docas, mangal das garças, ilha do combu, ilha de cotijuba, ilha de mosqueiro, catedral da sé, igreja de nazaré, complexo feliz lusitânia

Listining: carimbó, brega, tecnobrega, lundum, siriá, retumbão, xote bragantino

1. Almost 70% of Belém territory is of islands. Among the 41 ones, you shouldn't miss Combu, where you find lots of restaurants in the jungle, Mosqueiro and Cotijuba, both famous for its beautiful river beaches with waves.

2. The city is one of the famoust gastronomic spots in Brazil. Part of it comes from dishes as Vatapá, Maniçoba, Caruru and Tacacá. Plus the fruits and fishes from Amazon make your taste experience unforgetable.

3. 87% of Açaí berry comes from Belém and nearby towns and you can also find it in green and grey colors, called respectively açaí branco and bacaba.

4. Belém is also known as "Cidade das Mangueiras" (City of Mango Trees), due to lots of those kind of trees founded in the donwtown streets.

5. Lambada, the internationally popular dance in the 1980s, came from Belém and its directly influenced by Carimbó, a typical wonderful dance founded in Belém, coast towns in Pará and Marajó Island.

* Written by Lysmar Freitas

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Lysmar Freitas Lysmar Freitas moderator I live in Belém 12/22/2006
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Rayane EndoraRayane Endora 12/12/2013
Paulo Tiago MuliternoPaulo Tiago Muliterno Vou a Belém, daí as rodinhas começam a girar. 04/11/2014
ARAKAWA-SANARAKAWA-SAN I was born and raised in Belém, I love my city, here's my place! =D 06/24/2009
Ana Rosa de LimaAna Rosa de Lima visiting! :) 02/26/2014
Sophie WeissenhornSophie Weissenhorn Travelling 04/08/2014


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