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Mont Royal Summer Camp Vol. 5 in Traben-Trarbach (DE)


For now only so much:
Mont Royal Summer Camp will definitely happen for the 5th time in a row!

The camp will start on Thursday the 28th of July. It is not sure yet if it finish on Sunday the 31st of July or Monday the 1st of August but this should be clear by the end of the week.

As the camp gets onyl announced a month in advanced the organizers won't have as much time as usual.
This means that this year we will have:
- NO organized pick-up service from Frankfurt-Hahn
- a reduced program
- probably no live concerts

Nevertheless we would like to make the camp at least as a bifg seccess like the one in 2010.

Therefore this year it is absolutely neccessary that all participants help out even a little bit more then they used to do in the last years!

For everybody who hasn't been to MRSC yet, here is some general information:

Traben-Trarbach is a little town at the river Mosel, located at the centre of the triangle of Frankfurt am Main-Köln-Luxemburg, 20 km away from Frankfurt-Hahn-Airport.

The camp will take place on a little mountain called Mont Royal named after a nearby fortress built by Louis XIV of France. The location is called "Flak-Stellung", which is the German phrase for the position of an anti-aircraft gun. The 2nd World War gun has gone but what is still there are the remains of the old bunker system, perfect for a great bonfire. We will have enough wood there so you can have BBQ the whole days!
Also there is an wooden hut, a car with toilets, running drinking water and electricity.
Accomodation can be provided to a limited number of people as we bought some tents from last years money. Please keep in mind that those sleeping places are meant for those only who cannot bring their own tent.

More info about the camp, it's program and a registration website will follow soon.

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