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Simple living is a lifestyle individuals may pursue for a variety of motivations, such as spirituality, health, or ecology. Others may choose simple living for reasons of social justice or a rejection of consumerism. Some may emphasise an explicit rejection of "westernised values", while others choose to live more simply for reasons of personal taste, a sense of fairness or for personal economy.

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etreange etreange moderator 12/27/2006
WillyPirate WillyPirate way of life 02/12/2014
Martin Bode Martin Bode Simple, right? ;) 11/07/2013
Max TuratiMax Turati help to leave earth in good conditions to those who will come after me 05/25/2012
SandraShutterbug SandraShutterbug Too much STUFF is making me CRAZY...it's TIME to pare down! 02/08/2009
NETTA_NNETTA_N 08/27/2013
Chiara ArgentinoChiara Argentino 09/08/2013
Mehran GholamiMehran Gholami An interesting opinion:-) 03/27/2014



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