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Meridian: stories from 24 timezones


Hi there!

We are a small group of friends from various countries, sharing a common passion for travel and creation, based in Beijing. Some of us are members of the Couchsurfing network.

A strange and beautiful idea has been running through our heads for quite some time now: we would like to collaborate with creative minds from all over the world to build a revolutionary kind of electronic magazine, bringing together works from each of the 24 main time zones of the planet.

These works would include virtually all types of digital media, including texts, photos and graphic works, music, videos, etc. They would be published to mobile devices as an "app", online and eventually also print.

We would like each of these works to reflect part of the "spirit" of the place in which they were conceived. We also want them to be fully representative of the 'Couchsurfing view of the world' — which propones equality, diversity, creativity and truthfulness.

Those works would ideally be created according to a main topic chosen for each issue of the magazine.

As a few examples of submissions, we could have:
- excerpts from a photo diary
- some original music or sound recordings
- an account of certain experiences relevant to your daily life, your city culture or your field of activity
- etc.

If you are interested, whether or not you already have such works ready at hand, please get in touch with us. And if you know anyone else who would like to join, Couchsurfers or not, we would love to hear from them too!

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? >> You may want to start by checking out the "/!\ About this CS Group /!\" group post!

And then just move with the flow...

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