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Back Door Berlin - Free Entry & Shoestring


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Back Door Berlin - Free Entry and Shoestring

Share your knowledge about free events,
ways of getting round paying entry fees or any other useful stuff.

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Created: Jun 28, 2011
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Katharina C.Katharina C. moderator 06/28/2011
PONTICULUSPONTICULUS moderator 06/28/2011
Cecilia AgrestaCecilia Agresta berlin! 07/09/2011
Michael ImmermanMichael Immerman 04/11/2014
Yu Yi LiaoYu Yi Liao New to Berlin. Want to discover something different. 10/25/2013
Johanna HolmbergJohanna Holmberg 09/12/2011
Olga SavchenkoOlga Savchenko interested 02/26/2013
Eva CambeiroEva Cambeiro 05/23/2013



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Poll: Prime transfers and toursfernando-booysen-  10/13/2013

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Free concert today in Intersoup in P'BergJohanna Holmberg2  05/03/2012
Mondays: Deutsche Guggenheim for free. And free tour at 6pmPau Simo7  04/10/2012
Free entry!!!PONTICULUS-  04/09/2012
Looking for a sleepingbag (Schlafsack, Sac du couchage)Monty Cantsin-  01/03/2012
Cheap ("proletarisches") theaterMonty Cantsin-  12/30/2011
headphonesMonty Cantsin-  12/26/2011
Concert w/ Chinese musicians Li Daiguo/Zhang MiTimm Walker-  09/19/2011
4 concerts with Chinese experimental musicians Li Daiguo and Zhang Xiaojing. All free!!!!Timm Walker-  09/13/2011
Useful linksKatharina C.1  08/28/2011
Free Festival this Sat. 20.08.2011Katharina C.-  08/16/2011
Festival ÜBER LEBENSKUNST - Opening Wednesday 17.08.2011 for free @HKWKatharina C.-  08/16/2011
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