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For the CS artists out there that want to show off there work, collaborate with others in projects, gallery tours, promote exhibitions and generally all things art in Melbourne!

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Created: Jul 1, 2011
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Stuart FinchStuart Finch 09/22/2013
Donna AndersonDonna Anderson hi I am an artist in rural victoria interested in all things arty.:) 09/28/2013
Greg NjenadoGreg Njenado freelancer animation 08/03/2013
Clemence MarchonClemence Marchon Love arts 06/29/2013
Jeremy ChanJeremy Chan 08/11/2013
carole Lavennecarole Lavenne i m fashion designer ;) 08/31/2013
Andrew YuAndrew Yu i love arts 11/07/2013
Deniz OnerDeniz Oner I am an Art Historian 01/11/2014


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looking for a room with creative studio...Mariagiulia Di Piramo1  08/20/2013
1 IDEA, 1 PROJECT...1 REALITY!Beatrice C.-  03/09/2013
Art, galeries, meet beautiful people.Saar Amptmeijer2  03/01/2013
Bangladesh Fundraiser (photo expo, live music) 16 March 2013 - Monash CaulfieldZena Van Bemmel Faulkner-  02/26/2013
Looking for a passionate photographer to help with an art exhibitionZena Van Bemmel Faulkner1  02/21/2013
Volunteering to translate creativity book for childrenElisa Saquicela Novello-  02/02/2013
photography safari through the cityTanja Pfennig3  01/25/2013
Collaboration for Australian/American Art ProjectChris Williams-  01/22/2013
Re-organisation of Melbourne subgroupsFrancesco Orsenigo2  11/28/2012
Into Art and Textiles? WIN MOVIE TICKETS!Cara Bradley-  11/08/2012
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