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Beijing Beginners Guide


I am about to embark on a journey. And I have had and will continue to have many questions. So far, I've come across valuable information from awesome couchsurfers and thought: this could be useful to anyone in the same circumstance!

If anything I hope that this encourages more people to take the leap.

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berniwarberniwar moderator 07/09/2011
Belle Lee LiBelle Lee Li 05/20/2013
Rachel GanlyRachel Ganly new to beijing! 03/16/2014
Antonio L Inenarrabile De Biase Antonio L Inenarrabile De Biase po 12/16/2012
Melissa GrahnertMelissa Grahnert New to Beijing 01/27/2014
Marta LindstromMarta Lindstrom 04/15/2014
Peiji ZPeiji Z 01/11/2013
Daren MDaren M I am planning on visiting China this Fall (2014) 03/14/2014


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