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CS Vienna Calling 2012 - 6st-10th of June


Associated group for Vienna Calling 2012.
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Georg SchGeorg Sch moderator 08/05/2011
Eli Hafner Eli Hafner moderator 08/21/2011
STEFANHUG STEFANHUG moderator 07/12/2011
Stefan Derkits Stefan Derkits moderator 07/25/2011
Vilgaile Kira PurlyteVilgaile Kira Purlyte moderator 02/27/2012
Jamie CollinsJamie Collins Will be attending 06/01/2012
Imre CsurcsiaImre Csurcsia Last two years were AWESOME~~~ 12/01/2011
anthony Danielanthony Daniel 03/21/2012


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Do you have Questions about ViennaCalling 2012? ;)Stefan Derkits25  06/03/2012
The hostel, the tent and the couch:)Ahmed Hamid25  06/02/2012
what am I looking forward the most to be in Vienna????Alex FromRio2  06/02/2012
Live Music @ Welcome PartyStefan Derkits-  06/02/2012
Smoking in the different location ?Tobias Kick8  06/01/2012
Couch situation in Vienna for the Vienna Calling 2012?Sebastian Broholm-  05/31/2012
Camping during ViennaCallingStefan Derkits1  05/31/2012
Searching for a couch 6.6. - 8.6.12Nelli Fischer2  05/30/2012
World traveller from Berlin is looking for couchTim Manuel Hasenfuss-  05/30/2012
Welcome party on 6th at RepluggedEhrenfried Lepuschitz1  05/29/2012
Rideshare - Anyone going from Trieste - Udine?Pablo Apiolazza-  05/27/2012
Hostel RecommendationsStefan Derkits1  05/27/2012
Couch 4 the last weekend event :DSOKAGAKKAI3  05/27/2012
ridesharesPaulette Dark1  05/27/2012
Vienna Calling 2012 - 6th to 10th June 2012Stefan Derkits7  05/25/2012
Info about getting in and out of ViennaSTEFANHUG1  05/25/2012
Need a couch!!!Evan Reschreiter-  05/25/2012
Open call for Workshops organizers for Vienna Calling 2012Vilgaile Kira Purlyte1  05/24/2012
CS Vienna Calling 2012 - Please update your meetings statusSTEFANHUG6  05/24/2012
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