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Montreal Spontaneous/ Flash Meetups


The Montreal Spontaneous/ Flash Meetup groups is dedicated to all the chilled out & laid back folks in Montreal who love to go with the flow.

If you love spontaneity & hate planning, love to meet good vibe people & strangers, then please join our gang.

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Created: Jul 18, 2011
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Lucile et Mots BakerLucile et Mots Baker moderator 07/18/2011
David MaDavid Ma yes! 07/21/2011
Luis Parodi Luis Parodi Spontaneity yeah! 07/28/2011
Caroline BernardCaroline Bernard To meet new people! 01/19/2013
Max Pilon Max Pilon WAHHHHHHHHHHHH 11/15/2011
Genevieve Giroux BoucherGenevieve Giroux Boucher 07/29/2011
Joao CarlosJoao Carlos Going to Montreal 08/05/2013
Dave SDave S 08/06/2012


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
in montreal july 13-15Michelle B Johnstone-  07/11/2012
it's wednesday, let's play like kids ^^Julie Bincteux-  06/12/2012
A beer this evening? / Une bière ce soir?Jeremie Lockwell1  04/05/2012
Crème glacée ce soir? Ice cream this evening?Jeremie Lockwell1  03/18/2012
concert gratuit en hommage à Nazir Bouchareb au Batallou ce soir à 20H30Julie Bincteux3  03/16/2012
Superbowl: Champs on St Lauren @ 5pmPIACERE12-  02/05/2012
It’s a cold lazy Sunday so stay-in and veg-outPIACERE12-  01/29/2012
Pub QuizPIACERE12-  01/22/2012
Go now or not at all!!!PIACERE12-  01/19/2012
Igloofest Tonight ?Matthieu Perrono1  01/14/2012
Its Mexi-Canada-Cali-Taco-Magarita-Silly-HappinessPIACERE12-  01/12/2012
Friday Dinner at Chez Anas Resto Cafe in VerdunLucile et Mots Baker2  01/08/2012
Halloween Rocky HorrorJeremie Lockwell1  10/29/2011
st elisabeth very last minute eventYGREG9-  10/12/2011
GRITO- 15 de Septiembre!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!Ana from HEaven Martinez-  09/14/2011
Existential Flash Beer 2.0, Dieu du CielMahesh Marcello Casiraghi-  07/29/2011
Existential Flash Beer 1.0, Dieu du CielMahesh Marcello Casiraghi3  07/28/2011
Biere Biere Biere! @ St. Sulpice at St. Denis tomorrowLucile et Mots Baker-  07/22/2011
It's like flavours when you cook...Mahesh Marcello Casiraghi1  07/19/2011
Welcome to the Montreal Spontaneous/ Flash MeetupsLucile et Mots Baker-  07/18/2011