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For any people who live or travel in Berlin. What's really worth in Berlin..

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Melanie De GrootMelanie De Groot moderator 01/15/2007
Engin ArEngin Ar 11/01/2007
Kumar Souhardya GhoshKumar Souhardya Ghosh because i am a foreigner studying in berlin 07/06/2013
Geso  1001Geso 1001 living in berlin since 2007 03/10/2013
InterfidesInterfides Because I live in Berlin and I'm a foreigner here. 11/15/2011
roai-jawdat Awadroai-jawdat Awad 02/15/2014
Mario MarasMario Maras 08/21/2012


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Looking for accommodation from friday the 14th of January 2011.STAR POWER-  01/13/2011
Two brothes from Vienna coming over Silvester.. who can show us around and maybe offer some space on the floor? ;)ephex1  12/28/2010
3 guys going to berlin after christmas need a place to stay! =DCristiano Valente-  12/15/2010
singer songwriter going to BerlinArmand Tj-  11/19/2010
a polnish movie on monday the 01.11.10Danijela Valjan-  10/28/2010
Need an appartment to rentZacki Up1  10/23/2010
Asian Film Festival, who want to join ?Danijela Valjan-  10/19/2010
for those who would like to improve their asiatik language-sDanijela Valjan-  10/19/2010
School tripKamil Bielicki-  10/08/2010
Spanier sucht Möbliert Wohnung in Berlin für 15 OktoberAntonio Cas-  10/02/2010
In Berlin 27-31 of october. Four girls need a place to stay:)Agne Zukauskaite4  09/20/2010
Need a place to stay for few days!!!Yannick Miara-  09/03/2010
Please I need a Laptop to make my work.STAR POWER-  09/02/2010
For Bosnian poeple and those getting interested in this country and his poepleDanijela Valjan-  08/23/2010
Going out in Berlin, cool things to do?Michel Widmann-  08/16/2010
Need to learn DEUTSCHStanislas Bretillon-  07/26/2010
Tandem Deutsch/FranzösischMorgane Olivier1  07/24/2010
"14 Kilometer-auf der Suche nach dem Glück" (von Mali bis Spanien)Danijela Valjan1  07/12/2010
tandem Deutsch-Turkisch-AzerbaidschanischXyz Xyzxyz-  06/22/2010
Tandem FRANCAISAnneta Rakhmanko2  06/13/2010