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Vegetarian and vegan Gent


This group is for everyone interested in eating vegetarian/vegan in Ghent.

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Created: Aug 3, 2011
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Jürgen Bruynooghe Jürgen Bruynooghe moderator because I'm vegan and want to help other veggies :) 08/03/2011
Andy HilkensAndy Hilkens Vegan in Gent 08/19/2011
Bohemian_PrincessBohemian_Princess vegan enthusiast 03/24/2014
Ali K. AbbasAli K. Abbas Trying to be a vegan :) 04/13/2014
Melissa AmeroMelissa Amero 04/14/2014
Maryam AljoaanMaryam Aljoaan I am 90% vegetarian and lovin' it! 08/29/2012
Claas Gerhard SteigüberClaas Gerhard Steigüber Cause I am interessted in the vegetarian options in Gent 01/20/2013
Anyssa Eleanor KarafiAnyssa Eleanor Karafi 11/26/2013


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Vegan pralinesMichaela Kubatova1  03/02/2014
Vegan potlucksAndy Hilkens2  01/17/2014
conversation and couch for a young raw food traveler. August 11 - 13Volha Furs-  08/10/2013
Komkommertijd on SundayAndy Hilkens-  06/27/2013
'Komen Eten' 'Come and Eat'Jasper Himpe13  06/17/2013
Cooking/sleeping/sharing these days?Julia Termeer1  03/20/2013
yoga cloth shoppingImi Cengiz4  03/17/2013
Lecture by Melanie Joy Wed 12/12/12Jürgen Bruynooghe-  12/09/2012
Dining 4 the oceans (benefiet voor Sea Shepherd) - AvalonJürgen Bruynooghe-  11/08/2012
pumpkinsIne Andriessen-  10/13/2012
Veggielicious - 6 OctoberJürgen Bruynooghe5  10/02/2012
Vegetarian cookbookNoortjeG3  09/12/2012
Favourite veg(etari)an restaurant(s) in Ghent?Jürgen Bruynooghe10  07/26/2012
Gentse FeestenJürgen Bruynooghe-  07/09/2012
Vegan portraitsJürgen Bruynooghe-  05/16/2012
Vegan potluck - 17 May at 12.30 in GhentJürgen Bruynooghe-  04/24/2012
Meeting in a restaurantJürgen Bruynooghe12  11/28/2011
Veggie mapJürgen Bruynooghe-  08/04/2011
National veggie BBQ day - Saturday 13 AugustJürgen Bruynooghe-  08/03/2011
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