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This group is created to make it easier for people to get in contact if they need a ride or passengers for travelling in Iceland. This is good for the environment and can be a lot more fun and cheaper than taking the bus or plane.

For example: Seyðisfjörður to Reykjavík: doable by car (hitchhiking or carpooling) in on day, not really doable by bus (due to timetables and ridiculously high prices).

There is also a well working carpooling website for Iceland: http://www.samferda.is
For other means of transportation around Iceland, including hitch-hiking, see the excellent Wikitravel article: http://wikitravel.org/en/Iceland#Get_around

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Tihomir R RangelovTihomir R Rangelov moderator I like carpooling 08/07/2011
Irena NarobeIrena Narobe 03/02/2014
Julia BreunigJulia Breunig I´ll be travelling iceland in summer and its more fun to get to know people and not just sittingin the bus 03/25/2014
Mari ValenteMari Valente I'm traveling alone, and since I want to meet the whole country would need to share a ride. 03/16/2014
David HardmanDavid Hardman I need some passengers for a drive I'm planning over Easter 04/13/2014
LT Eaton LT Eaton I will be in Iceland May 3-9th 2014 04/06/2014
Cami StincerCami Stincer Coming to Iceland in July and would like to explore 02/27/2014
Seth OliverSeth Oliver Going to Iceland sept 9th-16th 08/18/2013



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Poll: Keflavik or Reykjavik to Landmannalaugar or Pingvellir 5-10. June 14CHULIA123-  06/10/2014

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JUNE 24 to JULY 3rd. Anyone can take us along?Cristina Sanchez-  04/18/2014
April- golden circle and south east Icelandkrystal Costello1  04/13/2014
Easter Ring Road Trip 18-22David Hardman-  04/13/2014
Share car rental May 3rd or 4th - May 8th?LT Eaton-  04/06/2014
30 June to 7 July CarpoolCami Stincer-  03/24/2014
20th May to 17th June - PassengerMari Valente-  03/16/2014
Let's share a ride from Akureyri to Reykjavik on March.9 or March .10Sting Huang-  03/06/2014
Anyone going to south coast? (around 8-10 February)Carolina Santos-  02/08/2014
Need a ride from RKV to Akureyri , February 5thJoachim Bourgois-  01/22/2014
ANYONE GOING FROM AKUREYRI TO RKV ON DEC 17?Justīne Vernera-  12/12/2013
Looking to share a car 7th-14th novemberSteph Varley-  10/08/2013
Travel buddy, See some NatureNicholas Mcguire-  09/30/2013
Any travel plans from 30/8 - 2/9Clàudia Rosa-  08/18/2013
CAR SHARE.. Iceland--September 5-8 then 11-18.. Lets go!Tanya Granados-  08/17/2013
19th-26th AUG - Wanna share a ride with us?? :)Rita Andrea Simon-  08/14/2013
Road trip around Iceland September 1 through the 7Tanner Williams-  08/07/2013
A ride Reykjavik -> Jokulsarlon or somewhere in betweenChristophe Maerten-  08/06/2013
WestfjordsCristina and Sarina Schmid1  08/05/2013
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