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We are upset that CS has become a for-profit corporation



We are here to show our disagreement with CS turning into a B-corp: http://www.couchsurfing.org/news/article/144 and support any initiative to get CouchSurfing strategic team establishing actions to move back to non-profit organization.

We had wonderful experiences with Couch Surfing, we absolutely LOVE CS and there will never be enough thanks to everyone: volunteers, CS employees, every member who worked on the idea during years and years.
CS was born as a community, built and strengthened by many volunteers spirited members and now turned into a corporation.

Joining that group means that you are supporting this initiative!

We want the source code written until now by volunteers and the database to be released!

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Created: Aug 26, 2011
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Ronny Junnilainen Ronny Junnilainen moderator Non-profiting couch surfer 08/26/2011
joonbusajoonbusa moderator i dont like what he's doing 08/27/2011
Davide Dante Del Vecchio Davide Dante Del Vecchio moderator 08/26/2011
Kostis MakrisKostis Makris porque 09/30/2011
katrin Bochenskikatrin Bochenski totally agree that trying to make money of peoples generosity is the wrong way 01/02/2014
ku Chingku Ching Because I would guess that initially, the CS idea was to promote the lifestyle that it encompasses. To monetize the lifestyle would be a travesty. 08/27/2011
Malte  MayerMalte Mayer 08/26/2011


Actions for transformation of CS-B-Corporation to a donation-driven non-profit .org71
Designing a decentralized trust and reputation system4761


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Poll: Where are you leaving ?PIREM284  12/09/2011
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