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Designing a decentralized trust and reputation system


This group is dedicated for technical discussions about
designing a decentralized "dictator-free" trust and
reputation system.

If you want to let strangers into your house, you have to trust them. Couchsurfing.org provides a central database about surfers and hosts, upon which you can estimate the consequences of hosting and surfing. Nowadays, I would consider a centralized database as an out-dated concept, although CS-members gathered a lot of positive experience with it. Right now, we should find a technical solution to provide a reliable access to a decentralized database.

Decentralization provides

1) Democracy: There is no small group, which controls
the whole database.

2) Resilience: The data is multiply distributed over the
whole world and is in this way resilient
against black-outs, governmental
firewalls, corporate lawsuits and so on.

3) Scalability: As long as the database exits as a set
of small pieces, the scalability is much
easier to establish - one has to extend
the number of these small database
servers. Central solutions need a
qualitative growth in this case - one
has to reprogram the system.

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vagalati vagalati sounds fun and interesting 09/21/2011
Dante M.Dante M. 08/24/2012
Alexey MikaberidzeAlexey Mikaberidze interested 04/19/2012
Patrick  CozyPatrick Cozy 07/09/2013
efiaefia decentralisation!!! 02/26/2014
Sylvain PoirierSylvain Poirier I have a project for this purpose 06/01/2012
Jonathan ShaferJonathan Shafer 09/25/2013


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