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SIGHTS of Samarkand

The history of Samarkand - numbers of about 2750 years, and architectural monuments referring to the time of governing dynasty of Timurids’ has such as importance as architectural masterpiece of ancient Egypt, Chinese, India, Greece and Rim.
Historical and architectural monuments of Samarkand
• The ancient settling of Afrosiyab (8th century B.C.),
• The Observatory of Ulugbek (1428-1429),
• Architectural ensemble of Shohi Zinda,
• The Mosque of Hazrati (Saint) Hizr (in the middle of 19th century),
• The Mosque of Bibi - Hanum (1399-1404),
• Medres of Ulugbek (1417-1420),
• Medres of Sher -Dor (1619-1635/36),
• Medres of Tillya - Kori (1647-1659/60),
• Bazaar of Chorsu (four water)(end of 18th century),
• Mausoleum of Ruhabad (1380th ),
• Mausoleum of Ak - Saray (white shed)(1470),
• Mausoleum of Gur - Emir (1404),
• The Mosque of Namozgoh (17th century),
• Mausoleum of Ishrat Xona (1464),
• Ensemble of Hoja Ahror (15-20 century),
• Mausoleum of Chulpan Ota (1430-1440),
• The Cemetery of Hoja Abdu Darun (15th -19th ctntury),
• Memorial complex of Imam Al'-Bukhari.

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