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Urgench - Khiva


SIGHTS of Khiva

Mystical city Khiva succeeded to keeping its exotically shape of eastern city in the ancient parts of Ichan-Kala, where disposed numerous of architectural monuments.
Historical and architectural monuments of Khiva
• Ichan-Kala: The Mosque and Medrese of Said-bay (end of 18th -beginning of 19th centuries),
• It’s around the gate of Polvan Darboza,
• Medrese of Allakulihan (1834/35),
• Medrese of Kutlug-Murad-Inak (1804/12),
• Bridge and Caravansary of Allakulihan (19th century),
• Medres of Abdulla Han (1865),
• The Mosque and Palace of Anush Han (1657),
• Tosh-Hayli (the stone lot)(of Allakulihan) (1830/36),
• Ok mechet (the white mosque ) (1832/42),
• The Mosque and Minaret of Juma (1788/89),
• Mausoleum of Said Alauddin (14th century),
• Medres of Muhammad Amin Han (1851/52),
• Minaret of Kalta Minor (1855),
• Kun’ya-Ark (1868/88),
• Minaret of Tura-Murat-Tur (1888),
• Medres of Muhammad Amin Han (1871),
• Medres of Shirgaziz han (1718/20),
• The Mosque of Boglandi (19th century),
• Medres of Arabhan (1838)

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