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This group is for those who like not conventional films, indi films, old films, art films, in general good films and for those who want to try a different approach to cinema. We can meet in someone´s house, we can have lists, we can surprise the others with our taste (sneak preview style), we can go to the cinema(mahl seh´n, orfeos, harmonie...). Let´s enjoy good stories together and let´s share our points of view about them :).

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Created: Sep 9, 2011
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Ana María López García Ana María López García moderator 09/09/2011
Ami NortonAmi Norton moderator I love film! 09/12/2011
Martina KMartina K interested in unconventional films 04/08/2014
1234567898765432112345678987654321 04/08/2013
Werner SchulerWerner Schuler for the obvious reason. 10/21/2013
Andreas KoritkeAndreas Koritke I live in Frankfurt and I like to watch movies 03/27/2012
Oleg BOleg B like good films 11/16/2012
Ahmed EL ABBASSIAhmed EL ABBASSI I since amoment I have the idea to be a movie stuff member 03/15/2014


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Passolini Movies in Weissfrauenkirche WednesdayMartina K4  04/15/2014
Festival for Eastern European Cinema / goEast - Festival des mittel- und osteuropäischen FilmsANGIE_Z5  04/10/2014
Drehorte gesuchtAndreas Simon-  03/30/2014
Startup FilmColin Berr7  03/29/2014
shooting in Frankfurt tomorrow, I need a coach for the night!Nata Failde-  03/24/2014
film makingBenet7777  03/22/2014
Frankfurt Short filmersRazi Haider1  10/03/2013
Filmmuseum Sonntag 8.9. "Zwei Leben"Claudia Bloeser3  09/09/2013
Movie "Frances Ha" (OmU) at Mal Sehn KinoANGIE_Z5  08/18/2013
Movie Tomorrow Evening in Art-House KinosRitayan Rath-  08/11/2013
"the place beyond the pines", june 18th, 18:00Maren K-  06/17/2013
again: french film in Mal Sehn (le grand soir)ZANNIE-  05/16/2013
der tag wird kommen (French film) today at 20:00Ana María López García1  05/16/2013
Zombies from Outer Space!Katrin Hillenbrand4  04/08/2013
goEast Festival Frankfurt / WiesbadenOleg B-  04/03/2013
Kieslowski's Decalogue - March 17th and 24thDaniel Moelle11  03/24/2013
Movie ¡NO! (Chile, Original with subtitles) in Mal-sehn-KinoANGIE_Z7  03/07/2013
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