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This group is for those who like not conventional films, indi films, old films, art films, in general good films and for those who want to try a different approach to cinema. We can meet in someone´s house, we can have lists, we can surprise the others with our taste (sneak preview style), we can go to the cinema(mahl seh´n, orfeos, harmonie...). Let´s enjoy good stories together and let´s share our points of view about them :).

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Created: Sep 9, 2011
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Ana María López García Ana María López García moderator 09/09/2011
Ami NortonAmi Norton moderator I love film! 09/12/2011
Ahmed EL ABBASSIAhmed EL ABBASSI I since amoment I have the idea to be a movie stuff member 03/15/2014
rodioniafarovrodioniafarov Interested in movies 03/27/2014
Magda BąkMagda Bąk i enjoy unusual things :) 04/06/2014
Martina KMartina K interested in unconventional films 04/08/2014
Werner SchulerWerner Schuler for the obvious reason. 10/21/2013
1234567898765432112345678987654321 04/08/2013


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maybe an ideaAna María López García9  03/03/2013
Cinema on Sunday 3.02Ana María López García2  03/02/2013
FAHRENHEIT 451 am 20.02.Steff Knoch-  02/13/2013
Staying here to attend NODE Forum of Digital ArtsRosi Grillmair-  01/13/2013
Turkish Film Festival Nov9-18thUli Kindermann5  11/22/2012
"Süßes Gift - Hilfe als Geschäft" am 19.11. im OrfeosUli Kindermann-  11/17/2012
Exground Film Festival Wiesbaden Nov 16th-25thUli Kindermann-  11/17/2012
Indian Independent Film Festival @ Orfeos Nov.9-11thUli Kindermann-  11/05/2012
On the road (Kerouac) in original language?salome3  11/01/2012
Location Scouter in Frankfurt NEEDED (€300- 2 days work)Miguel Teixeira-  10/25/2012
To Rome With LoveKsenia Shokhina1  09/18/2012
"Omid ist mein Name" heute 20 Uhr im FilmmuseumUli Kindermann-  09/13/2012
"we need to talk about kevin"Maren K2  08/31/2012
Short at Moonlight 13.-15.07.Christiane Eger3  07/10/2012
Ai Weiwei is never sorry.Ksenia Shokhina-  06/14/2012
FILM SCREENING IN YOUR CITY! Underground Independent Movies From PolandArczi Prus-  06/08/2012
wednesday (tomorrow): "moonrise kingdom"/"lachsfischen im jemen"Maren K8  06/04/2012
SubGroup - please readJohn Cunliffe-  05/25/2012
Kinogrüße aus Russland :)Ksenija Yakupova1  04/29/2012
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