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HE(a)then (noun) – an unconverted individual

We are unconverted to the beliefs of society. We strive to build and maintain our own set of values, specifically with regard to love, happiness, spirituality and morality. We have our own perspective on reality that most do not grasp. We are HEthens.

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Created: Sep 23, 2011
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Dustin McElroyDustin McElroy moderator 09/23/2011
Jordan LejuwaanJordan Lejuwaan moderator Because I created HE :) 09/23/2011
Alex PerezAlex Perez why not? 04/29/2013
Sam Giligich Sam Giligich 10/15/2011
Christian StettlerChristian Stettler I am already a part of the HEthen social site. I want to be able to connect with likeminded travelers. 07/23/2013
Sebastian Scott EngenSebastian Scott Engen I come to share an adventure :-) 02/15/2014
Silvan HallerSilvan Haller appreciate the website 01/17/2013
Max HummelMax Hummel HE Community!!! 09/30/2011


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anyone in NYC?Kyle Richardson1  12/16/2013
Celtic heathen in MalmöRui Silva-  07/20/2013
Road Trip through the South!!Annika Natseway3  06/10/2013
FYI couch or bed available for anyone travelling through nw IOWA or sw Minnesota.Kelsey Jensen-  05/16/2013
Austin and NOLA hosts!Annika Natseway-  05/07/2013
Looking for any HEthens In Amsterdam!Connor Millar1  03/23/2013
I got no couch, but I do have this bed if y'all find yoselves in tacoma/seattle areaWilliam Peil-  02/27/2013
HEthens in New York?Stefi Bas-  01/29/2013
Looking for a couch in Gothenburg, 22-27 February :)Raul Mazilu-  01/18/2013
Any HEthens in the Philippines & Bali?Stephanie Torres-  01/07/2013
LA Area? Next week possibly 12/19-12/23Annika Natseway-  12/13/2012
Traveling for the year. Anyone in New Mexico?Chris and Emily1  12/10/2012
ViennaChad Yelinski2  12/02/2012
If you ever come to Egypt....Naomi L-  11/20/2012
We are Antonio and Ryan <3 :]Ryan Huse-  11/12/2012
Colombia?Christopher Ponzi-  11/04/2012
SHEthens ?Victoria Ratledge1  10/21/2012
European HEthens?Ansley Sawyer9  07/30/2012
Genoa/RomeCarter Chavez-  07/15/2012
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