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Starting today November 19, 2009 we are taking this group in a different direction. Its now going to be a place where locals can try to arrange regular/semi-regular camping trips or day hikes. Hopefully we can pool resources and responsibilities . So if u live in or near the City and u want to do some camping lets see what we can work out. Of course ALL members are welcome to join the group and attend the trips. But the ultimate success will depend on the locals level of interest.

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Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald moderator Cause I am a backpacker and love to exchange travel tips with others.. 02/07/2007
Dave RaschDave Rasch moderator 10/30/2009
Shawn Guffey Shawn Guffey With only a backpack the world is open! 10/26/2013
Boon LimBoon Lim visiting new york for a few days 08/20/2011
Andrey AyvazovAndrey Ayvazov I like Backpacking :) 03/28/2014
John YucelJohn Yucel I am an experienced hike and backpacker 08/20/2013
Agata SkrzypczykAgata Skrzypczyk 04/16/2014


hitch hiking from New York to the west coast1-

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